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The rays beckon a new day
After a tormenting and turbulent night
Injected with pains and agonizing trauma
My heart! stabbed, shattered , and in shambles

How did we venture into this parallel journey?
Just yester, I was his world
Now he-motionless towards me
The love he professed, is it lost?

To him I beseeched, could you love me?
You! Whom I gifted my frail heart
Have you not heard that love is ephemeral?
 I only answered to thy beautys clarion call

On my breasts your hands take the night rest
On my Skirt your eyes clings with interest
Between my legs, you have severally made harvests
My love! Why did you pave this path for the grim reaper

My feelings have earned me destruction
From my plenty you've taken abundantly
You robbed me off my attention
Deserted me in the middle of the ocean
Who can hear the heartless
From this abyss of loneliness

Holuforworshe & Barlowh 2017

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