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I feel obliged to briefly answer questions swung at me by enthusiastic readers about relevant books needed at resumption.

May I point out that it is quite essential for law students to possess right attitude towards reading from onset.

As much as I would like to mention that we shouldn't focus too much on our anxieties... However, I staunch remain an advocate of early preparation. When you read ahead of the semester, it helps you to manage the stress contained in each semesters. It is a reading attitude every fresh law students should cultivate.

We would discuss this topic at a more convenient time.

For now I seek to answer most common questions of law enthusiasts.

Without much ado,  I recommend the book: *LEARNING THE LAW,  by Glanville Williams* one of the most widely read law books, it gives you an insight to the nitty gritty of law, ranging from *How to answer Law questions* to *Time management* and ors.

I do not mean to say, it is a course to be taught at resumption but it is the best independent law teacher for students who care to scale excellent altitude in the faculty.

First published in 1945, *Glanville Williams: Learning the Law* has been introducing new and prospective law students to the foundation skills needed to study law effectively for more than sixty years. Presenting an overview of the English Legal System and covering the essential legal skills that students need to master if they want to succeed both in their legal studies and in their future careers, this is a must-have book for all new law students!.

Emphatically, it is a compulsory asset for every law students and enthusiasts around the globe.

You may get a copy from your nearest bookshop and peruse it. The latest edition *(15th edition)* is preferable.

'Set your mind to the voyage before you, because law is a race and only the best equipped end well'

GOOD EVENING, everyone

*notitia est potesta*.

Stay informed 👌🏻

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