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The anticipated judicial summit organized by the Judicial council of the Student Union Government, Futa was held on Thursday, March 8, 2018, at the Theophilous I. Francis Auditorium, Futa themed: THE FUTURE WE WANT, peace, Justice and strong institution.

The event kicked off at about 10:30am with the National Anthem. Dignitaries were invited to the High table.
Guests who graced the occasion include, Mr Ayeni(CEO Embelle), Barr. Michael Amure. Dr. Kiitan David (Nokia Ambassador), Dean of students Affairs among others who gave their speeches.
Barr. Michael Amure delivered a lecture on the theme, stating that the theme is the no.16 list of goals of the UN SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals).
Dr. Kiitan David narrated his experience as a student and how he thought beyond others through his novel technical innovation which has brought him the glory he enjoys till date.

The exhibition exercise had five department participants with presentations on new inventions to promote peace and justice and aid 'the future we want'
The winners were:
School of Health, with FCC(Futa Command Control) with a design of drones to monitor examinations and others. Which took the third position.

School of management technology, with *ACC* (Actual card) designed to monitor funds of an organization and ensure transparency and accountability. Which got the second position.

School of Engineering, with an *INTERFACE INVENTION* designed to use transmitters and headsets for lecturers and students to aid sound and echo during lectures. Which got the first position.
The best presentation  was later presented a cheque of N70, 000.

The *REPORT AM* App was later launched to aid the reporting of cases and conflicts to the judicial council for litigation especially designed for anonymous litigators.

The summit ended after 2'0 clock.
 The Student Judicial Council, AAUA were present led by the Chief Justice, Ogunbameru Abiodun(Lord JB).

Quotes of the event

_The future we want is the present we build together_
_we are obligated to activate the law to make people accountable_
_Don't wait for the future, create it_
_Be peace Ambassadors_
_Maturity is not by size, it is by words in you and the carriage_
_you're responsible for your life, don't let the poor system determine you_
_Relationships are your biggest assets..keep them well_
_There is a need to ask questions....keep asking questions_
_if you are not an active citizen are a liability on the country._

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