The dark clouds of increment in the tuition of aaua is so great a deal that even a drizzle of increase will make an unbearable impacts on indigent parents and self-sponsoring students, who are evidently the majority, and constitute four-fifth of the student populace. When the increment was officially announced, after series of speculations to that amount, the increment was welcomed with no mixed feelings, as it was rightly, and vehemently kicked against. The former tuition ranged from #23000 to #35000, which some students find it incredibly hard to fulfill the obligation of payment, and some even went to the extreme, by taking a *leave of absence*. Increment, (hereinafter referred to as the fee), which undoubtedly will, and have generated a lot of controversies and criticisms, ranged from as high as #120000 to #180000 for returning students. This development in the fee transcends to be tagged as being astronomical, but ridiculous, outrageous, inhumane, and any other adjectives you can think of may suffice.

An analysis or dissection of the fee is not only important, but necessary at this crucial time. As this will only reveal one thing, the management, acting under the directives of Mr Governor, give no two-hoots about the studentry, even when they acclaim that giving the school an enviable standard and maintenance are necessary factor for the increment, but need this be done through a blood sucking means?
Taking a glean and keen look at the analysis or breakdown made by the management for the returning students, the  prices allocated to the service that will never be rendered to us is alarming, a blatant extortion, and a deep caress of our intelligence. I will make a few pointers to some of these unnecessary and dubious inflation of our tuition fee.

GST and ENT: General studies and Entrepreneurship for students in their third, fourth and fifth year is a scam, and a punch to our brain, because none of those in the aforementioned categories offer these courses, and what is an imposition of a fee, for services that will not be rendered, if it’s not scam? This fee is unnecessary to  right thinking person(s), and as one, I(we) kick against such absurd imposition.

• STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE: When I saw this, I laughed out my brain to see whether the cells are still very well connected. As funny as this poser could be, it is an indubitable truth, how many of our parents insure our health? Then, what’s the business of the school with insuring our health? I(we) don’t want this health insurance, after paying #2000 for health center, even though it seldom give drugs, why do we need health insurance?

ICT LEVY: Majority of the students are not studying computer science, and what is this fee all about? The  justification for it, is still dangling and dancing in the air beautifully for all  to see, after paying a ridiculous amount on “result processing”, the levy for ICT is still required, what for? If I may ask.

STUDENT IDENTITY CARD: Seeing the fee slammed on the ID card, a whooping #3000, this is clearly the “slam of the year” for lovers of wrestling, because this is nothing but a rape on our intelligence, and if we do not react against this, the school management and staffs should bury their heads in the hood of shame, because they have successfully trained imbeciles. The questions that I feed on and still regurgitate is whether the ID card will be printed with a gold plate instead of plastic? Whether the lanyard will be changed to an unadulterated gold chain? And our ever deformed and ugly passport for the ID card will be Photoshop? But the answer I could furnish, is clear, a big NO cause this process was nothing but scam, unnecessary and a play on our intelligence.

• PROFESSIONAL FEE: This is another big and laughable joke, for goodness sake, we all are students, unless the fee is meant for staff which clearly it isn’t. Professional fee for students? Who and what is the money meant for? A simple poser they wouldn’t dare to attempt, cause the gravity of the answer will betray common reasoning.

• LAB WORKSHOP/ FIELD TRIP: The rationale for this I still can’t grasp, as a law student we pay individually for whatever program organized, and I also see it as being absurd, because only students in 400l and 500l  do practical aspects of the law, and alloting #10000 for it is another mysterious fee the council must give an explanation, because you cannot expect us to pay this much, even if we are going to pay, explanation must be given, and if it’s unreasonable, it is only right to remove it.

The complete dissection of the fee will show a blatant duplication, If not multiplication of fees, for instance, ICT LEVY, E-LEARNING FACILITY, and RESULT PROCESSING, which in sum accounted for a whooping sum of #20000 of the fee is clearly a multiplication. The poser this birthed is this, were these things not obtainable when the tuition was at #35000?

Another commendable disappointment was the gallant activities of the Nigerian Police against benign and peace-loving students, who came out peacefully to voice their disapproval of the fee. The Army, I understand are only mobilized when there is unrest, which is not the case in AAUA, I am still befuddled as to why soldiers will be patrolling the school environs, what is the function of the police? It is clear that they have eaten from the pot of cluelessness. The state of emergency ambience hovering over the school is not only appalling, but made us look like the hunted. Only an autocratic leader resist a peaceful protest, and for a democratically elected government to indulge in such is unacceptable. The boon of democracy is the ability of citizens or indigenes to make known of their disapproval of a government policy, and this is the place of public opinion. A peaceful protest was almost hijacked by the police, and the commissioner of Police was allegedly hiding under the guise of Mr. Governor’s directive, I laughed, because I don’t know when the CP started taking orders from the Governor. When it comes to insurgency which we don’t pray for, the police always gets its act right, and we all know the one and only place they take orders.

In sum, AAUAites are peace-loving students, who are only trying to secure their future, and I hope that this civil approach continues. And to the police, you are saddled with the responsibility of preventing chaos and not create them, what is the objective of shooting a tear gas when things were peaceful? In case you are oblivious of the law, this is a quick reminder, the Constitution guard jealously peaceful protest under section 40. And finally to our constitutionally elected Governor, it is only a man whose sense organs(eyes and ears) are dead will be unconscious of the plight of the masses, and you weren’t elected to increase our burden like Rehoboam. This fee is ludicrous and unbearable for our indigent parents and the self-sustaining students. It will be only right if the highlighted duplicated and multiplicated fees are revisited and exhumed. The fee for the fresh  students should also be accorded same changes, as most of them chose the institution owing to the low tuition, and this will surely be an agonizing loss for them if, they are unable to resume due to the tuition, and will automatically resulted to wasting two years.

Taiwo Balogun, staff writer,

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