The body of law Students' Society Executives_elect warmly welcomes every Fresh law students and Returning law students back to the varsity campus as a new session kicks off fully.

All Law Students are to take notice of the following information for the 2017/2018 Academic Session:

After deliberation and pleadings with the Faculty management in light of current economic reality the following dues are payable with its breakdown :

*Faculty Due*

Faculty due & Handbook :: *2,000*
Two Journals::: *4,500*

*TOTAL :: *6,500*.


*LSS DUE*: *3,000*

*EXCURSION FEE* : *2,000*

Faculty due : *2,000*
1 Journal fee : *2,000*

*TOTAL* : *4,000*


*LSS DUE* : *1,500*

NOTE : As against the #7,000 and #4,500 obtainable  previously for freshers and staylites respectively for faculty due , the sum of #500 had been deducted to ease students economically.
Hence, #6,500 and #4000 is the new faculty due for fresher's and staylites respectively.

Also, #3,000 and #1,500 is the LSS due for Fresher's and staylites respectively.
Freshers are to pay the sum of #2,000 only  for their excursion.

Pls, take note of the following:

👉🏼 The Academic Timetable will be made available tomorrow *25 April, 2018* at the Lt and faculty boards.
Tutorials kick off afterwards.

👉🏼 500 level students with complications in *POS* are to meet their level advisers for rectification immediately... as soon as their names are released.

👉🏼 The faculty shall strictly enforce the  new NUC rule on *70% attendance* for lectures, henceforth. *Regardless of any personality involved*.

👉🏼 Inauguration of elected Law Students' Society executives to take place next Wednesday, *2 May, 2018*.

👉🏼 The formal Dress code (white and black) shall be strictly enforced by the Faculty and the Body of Justice (BOJ).

👉🏼 Anticipate the launching of the new official *LSS blog and LSS logo* soon.

_*The foregoing sets of info are to be treated substantially and payment commences with immediate effect*_
_*All law students can now fully resume as the semester has fully kicked off*_.




*Olufowose Samuel (Holuforworshe)*
LSS P.R.O_elect.

_notitia est potesta👌🏻_

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