Do you remember April 9, 2016, the beginning of an historic protest in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko against the death of one Afolabi Ojo, Economics edu, who was hit by a motorcycle and was rejected and neglected at the school's health centre before his death.

About two years later April 9, 2018 another peaceful protest broke out within Akure, Ondo state and other states against the astronomical hike in tuition fee.

In Lagos state after the day's protest, some AAUAITEs coincidentally jammed the father of Afolabi Ojo, Mr Femi Ojo. Read the full gist of the end of the story below as written by the witness:


While we were in the bus on our way home(I & Sue), I was loudly saying in d bus that whatsoever it takes, AAUA school fees must be reversed to its normal fees. Without knowing that the man seating close to us was Mr. Femi Ojo(Afolabi Ojo's dad).

Then the man asked me,
"are u a student of Akungba" I said yes sir.
"do u know Afolabi Ojo" I replied NO sir, but if u know is department or faculty, the possibilities are high.
He den replied, "the boy that died in Akungba on this same day 2yrs ago" Then I cut in, I know him sir, he's in Eco edu. The next thing I heard was that, he is my son. Immediately, I lost my zeal for speeches.

Then Sue started to commiserate with Mr. Femi Ojo which I joined immediately. The man then opened files of fact for us by telling us all that transpired between him and d management, including the effect of d loss of Afolabi Ojo in his family.


Mr. Femi Ojo said, Since the day he lost his child till this present moment, the management of AAUA has neither call or sent him a message of condolence. He further said, a penny was not given to him as against the rumor on campus dat he was given #400,000naira. In addition, he said 'in loco perentis' the school ought to write to him officially, confirming the death of his child & also affirming dat since he is dead, he cease to be their student and also not under their custody. He further said, in order not to cos pains upon injury, he has decided not to sue AAUA. He also said dat he pleaded on behalf of the suspended students den that they should be reinstated and d Vice Chancellor told him dat will be done, but was surprised to hear from us dat dey were dealt with an academic session.


He said, as he speaks, his wife is critically ill. He said they av been battling with the sickness since she heard about d death of her son. And currently, they need 7+MILLION NAIRA to carry out an operation on her. He further said, he decided to go to office today in order not to compound more woes on himself & d family, bcos whenever they remember that date 09 of APRIL, tears roll down their eyes.

After all the man has said, we supported him & his family with prayer, coz that was all we can offer.

I therefore use dis medium to call on the management of AAUA, to pls do the needful to the family of AFOLABI OJO.
Aluta continua


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