Knock! Knock! Knock, i found no answer
I waited longer,and no one bothered
I grew angry and patience lost
I feel superior,in charge and feel like the host
Take him away i heard,my eyes red like rod in furnace
I wish they could take back their words with pleading,they should             
Cast out the little Lucifer, it echoed in,wish i was deaf

Am i wrong ,am i right ?i asked
They never know me but hate,have done nothing wrong
I wish i could fight back,revenge and gain justice for their wrong
I had no choice i had to plead,i posit to their words
Then the worst happens,i was arrested detained,imprison falsely
Who am i to call upon ,who can i talk to,who can i rely on
Those am in fight with hold the power,who shall i call on to rescue me

What have i done wrong? I asked
The voice came like a great wind,saying,you shouldnt have step our toes,you got the wrong one
You exposes us,put us in suffering with your petition,articles
We were punish,so,you must taste the feeling
Who shall i call upon,brothers,sisters,friend
Mighty couragious personnel's offer few assist but all effort were futile
All my willing helpers were fed up,and retired

What is the way out,will i rot and die here,in the hands of the wicked
After my day of critical thinking,i remembered And think of a way,found an answer
The law they say is superior over all,be you hiGh or low,mighty or powerless
But can this law truly help,A qui-pro-quo to it
After a long time trial,i gain justice and freedom,
Was suprised ,amazed,glad in spirit and flesh
So the mighty could be punished for me,definitely the law is not what a layMan think



In every crises,chaos,problem,the LAW is there to help. Never should you take law into your hands so you wont be punished,even though you right Abinitio,but committed a crime thereof by putting law in your hands,remember NEMO JUDEX IN CASASUA" Never will you be a judge in your own case.

It is imperative to note that the legal maxim that says "DURA LEX,SED LEX..meaning"THE LAW IS HARD/RIGID BUT IT IS LAW.is true...

So that how the thinking all changed..it is imperative to note that EQUITY AID THE VIGILANT AN NOT THE INDOLENCE.Never sleep on your right

G-Truth ©2018

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