Dated: Thurs, May 31, 2018

The meet the dean conference which held on *Thursday, 31 May, 2018* took place at the moot court with attendance of a large number of LSSites.

Spectacularly, attendance list was taken for all classes. In attendance also was, notable lectures; Mrs Mohammed, Mrs Ebun Orogun, Mr Oluwadayisi, Mr St. Emmanuel and the Dean, E.A Taiwo.

The Dean welcomed all students and law students were allowed to ask question bordering on the academic welfare of the students which were respectively answered .

Below are outlines of the  conclusion of the assembly:

>All students are to complete registration and Faculty due payment lest unregistered LSSites will not be recognized as students.

>Dress code compliance must now be observed strictly.

> Lecture punctuality is pertinent in tadem with the 70% NUC rule.

> Malpractices of any kind remains in tolerated.

>Names of Level advisers are now out.

> the issue of class congestion for law students is to to be addressed soon.

>Law School Quota will not be a challenge for part 1 students as unqualified would have been dispensed

>Loitering of Faculty building by non law students  should be addressed by both the faculty and the students.

> A program to reorganize the body of alumnus in the faculty.

> philanthropists and luminaries should be reached out to.

> All law students must imbibe the maintenance culture and LSS properties should be cared for and maintained.

> Students can make orders for reference letters for internship

>No remedy for fresh students who did not meet up admission requirements but were offered admission and can not complete registration.

>A letter has been written to the school management for the extension of the time of operation of the law library.

> *Part 5 students can now submit their project topics, without the faculty due requirement.*

Lecturers enjoined and advised LSSites and the LSS government on process to make the society better.


         *Date:* Thursday, May 31 2018

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