The lit up spell-it challenge, held on Wed, 23rd May, 2018 .

The challenge accompanied with anxieties, suspense, and Nationalist spirit from individual classes for the respective contestants.

Participants sprung from the newbie class to the penultimate law classes. Participants passed three stages including the Elimination stage and Sudden Death stage which was the final and most exasperating stage.

The judges, Amos Isaac Tasheyon (pt 5, crusader of learning the law) and Ogunbameru Abiodun(Chief Justice Student Union, pt 5) took wheels of the contest alongside the pronouncer, miss Ore(pt4), Akinmola Favour (pt 4) and Olufowose Samuel (pt 3).

Several legal jargons and dictionary words were dashed out .
Contestant, Ajuwa Preys scaled the 'Sudden death' final stage while Contestant, Adeboyeje Dotun(pt 2) and Contestant, Ademiniyi Opeyemi(pt 4) battled for the second position.

Ademiniyi Opeyemi survived the second position.

Certificates of participation were presented by the judges and the cash prizes for the first, second and third positions.

The Vice-president of the Law students society, Okunola Peculiar was applauded for setting up the challenge.


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