My bones find way beneath the flesh
Can view them like a sketch
But covered like something beneath the skirt
In the land beneath the earth
Dark like being in the tunnel
Strong as cement mixed with gravel

Why am i here ?
Feel like am not qualified to be here
Obstacles everywhere i bear
I took the shortcut,now am here
You are not accepted here,i heard
Their frown faces i feared
At first,i thought being here would be the best
But now experience are dribbling me south,North,East and west

What am i waiting for
Couldnt view anything only closed door
It breaks my heart,feel like dying
I feel rejected in the land i belong
For this i waited so long
Maybe I should just keep on trying
But it feel like am dying

In the land above the hills
Seeing more than i could believe
Loving creatures i found murmuring
I thought i would find it boring
But now i feel excited like the mother of a new born baby
I closed my eyes thinking it was all dream
Then i heard a strong voice welcoming me
I feel like this where am suppose to be
This is my home

In a cool strong voice he whisper
You are forbidden in this land
I looked at his face in disarray
I was casted out from the land like demon in the flesh
Forbidden from the land i prefer
Alone with my thought
Dead in spirit,soul alive and am hurt
Couldn't have stand them nor fight

The journey to the promised land
No vision,Nor direction in my hand
A wilderness wanderer i become
I prayed for the way ,lay my head on a stone
Here i pray for my home
Neglect the hatred shown
Here i pray for my home
My journey here Alone

G-Truth ©2018

Death a painful reality...the fear of which evokes a life worth living.

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