These are pictures of the Law Students Society, AAUA Executives at the Powwow/ Lunch of the end of a successful semester.

It is true that the academic calendar is partly completed and almost exhausted for the session.

Relatively, it is also true that the Semester has been a sweet, interesting as well as challenging one for all LSSites, and more expectedly the Executives saddled with the administration and coordination of the society.

Right from the ultimate 001(LSS President) to the 012(LSS Librarian) & Chief Liaison Officer...several intricate official duties had surfaced. This is without prejudice to the primary duty to keep up with lectures, studies and personal schedules.

Several goals were set by the administration, and many were achieved. Thanks to the spirit of teamwork.

If they have worked so hard throughout for the semester for the society, they deserve a chilled drink down the throat.

Here are some of the activities,goals of the Semester:

This has been commended as one of the best organized excursion in LSS...making the newbies feel unique from students of other departments was definitely a good start for them.

This was surely the first giant project for the administration

The law newbies could definitely and confidently say that they lacked no vital information; About the Faculty, norms and practices of the society as well as disciplinary culture.


The quite famous and most  revered Football competition in the Faculty as initiated by the Director of Sports emeritus, Aimasiko Ayodeji was  successfully organized by the incumbent administration alongside the serving Director of Sports, Ali Oluwagbemiga.

Added to the initiative was the trial of Misconduct during the league, by the LOC.


LSFL couldn't have been the height of sport for the semester...the FRESHERS v Staylite game was organized at the beginning and end of the semester for all sports lovers within the society.


Championed by the Director of Socials, Jeremiah... Every fortnight Fridays has been for LSS  cinema.

Law students with their tickets move to the cinema to ease the stress of the week.


Being a day recognized by the Faculty as a day for traditional appraisal.

Best dressed in female attires were awarded and recognized.


The Spell-it contest was a phase of the academic encouragement for enthusiast spellers...

What could be more exciting and rewarding than winning prizes for spelling words that are unusual, not just frontwards but as well backwards.

The spelling bee competition was a practical success as well.


The timetable for the tutorials was drafted, though not strictly observed due to differences in human resources . however, for the junior classes tutors were readily made available for relevant course as well as materials for research/study.

Championed by the acclaimed LSS first lady, Okunola Peculiar (Vice-president).


Just as much as this is a tradition, the administration organized a Moot trial participated by the public Chambers with their respective counsels.

Of course what could be more intriguing in law than the practical battle of student counsels before a Magistrate/Judge.

A well thought initiative from an LSSite, since the previous blog had been inoperative.

Access to Information with the help of the Public Relations Officer, Olufowose Samuel has been to a reasonable extent helpful to Law students as the new platform sufficed for passage of info.

Relatedly, the Instagram page for the society was retrieved (IG: @aauadopelawyers).

An email was generated:


Contacting AAUA LSS has so far been made easy.

For ease use of the lecture theatres, the electrical appliances were severally fixed, including the ongoing fixing of doors and windows for safety purpose.


No doubt, one of the greatest challenge and one of the greatest success of the admin. Organizing the cocktail and public lecture which got a lot of thumps up👍 as one of the best in LSS, wasn't too easy. But thank God, it was achieved. (team spirit).


What could be more traumatizing than been offered admission to study law and after so much expense and efforts, admission is to be withdrawn due to nonpayment of specified fees.

This was the most emotional challenge for the admin... When the portal for registration was to be closed discriminatingly against some 100level law students who were yet to afford the tuition fee.

Letters were written, Officials were met....and with the help of some notable LSSites and the frantic efforts  of the Students' Union Government, the policy was reverted. Education is a right not a chance.

👉 inter alia.

Many more projects were embarked on for the semester... Some has yielding ...some others in their shells.

Above all, the work for the new semester resumes immediately and for that the Executive officers could enjoy the Powwow which doesn't come always during the official stress.

The Law students Society President, Ekundayo Moses...mentioned at the powwow that Executive offices should be make attractive to LSSites through achievements. Though some persons detest politics, however, serving one's society is the biggest training field for future leadership.

Pic ref: the executive officers at a lunch for the end of the semester.

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