ALLEGED KILLER OF EX-DEPUTY GOVERNOR'S DAUGHTER GOES RAMPAGE - A replica of John Grisham's Plot and the Criminal Law Questions

On Friday August 10, 2018 a shocking headline pervaded media platforms about one of the alleged killer of Khadijat Oluboyo(Ondo ex-deputy governor's child)
According to a report by Punch Newspaper, Folorunsho Olawale, who is one of the alleged killers of late Miss Oluboyo, attacked officials at the Neuro Psychiatric Specialist Hospital in Akure where he is currently being treated for mental illness.

In the report, the alleged killer beat up the hospital's Chief Medical Director (CMD), Dr. Akinwumi Akinloye, into a coma aside damaging equipments at the hospital.

Olawale was also reported to have attacked some nurses and another doctor after he went hysterical during examination.

Just as funny as the news story may sound, it has a close replication with the plot (story) of the legal thriller (novel) writer John Grisham in his book 'A TIME TO KILL'

A Time to Kill is a 1988 legal thriller by John Grisham. It was Grisham's first novel.

Since the facts of the case are undisputed - Carl Lee did kill the two rapists - However,  the only way in law to get a verdict of not guilty is to plead temporary insanity. Ellen Roark prepares for Brigance a thorough study of all Mississippiprecedents touching on the relevant British M'Naghten rules which apply in Mississippi as in sixteen other U.S. states. Brigance gets a psychiatrist to prove that Carl Lee was indeed insane while committing his act, and the state gets an opposing psychiatrist to assert he was completely sane and therefore culpable. Much of the trial is devoted to the prosecution and defense trying to discredit each other's expert witnesses.

In fact, the only way to evade prosecution or death sentence rested on Carl Lee's ability to act insanely and more on his lawyer and psychiatrist to prove his insanity by evidence and Carl Lee's actions. Even more 'Silence' was a sign of insanity.
'A TIME TO KILL' is a recommended novel for all criminal law students, on the defenses to murder.

Relating this with Olawale's display at the psychiatric hospital in might be too early to posit that the alleged killer had intentionally put up the action to pretend that he is mentally unstable.
However, it is also too early to say he did not put up or pretend to be insane. Therefore, Until the final verdict of the court based on evidences adduced by his lawyer or doctor-expert, Olawale may be presumed to be insane or not at the time of killing Khadijat, an AAUA student of penultimate class and daughter of former deputy Governor of Ondo state.

Nevertheless, the available facts shows that the Police confirms that the accused requires psychiatric treatment which necessitated his admission at the neuropsychiatric specialist hospital in Akure, where the accused stabbed two nurses and beat up the CMD.

Also, it can be recalled that Olawale turned himself in to the Police as one of the killers of the former deputy Governor, Khadijat Oluboyo, after the arrest of Also(the deceased's boyfriend) which makes him a Principal offender under the Criminal Code and if found guilty may be sentenced to death

For the Criminal Law Students, it may be their duty to answer the legal questions of :
1.whether, Olawale can rely on
-Insanity or
-Automatism as his defence for partaking in the killing of Khadijat.

2. Whether Olawale is a principal offender? Under Section 7 of the Criminal Code
3. Whether Olawale can get away with this Murder case...

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