PAST PAPER; The Unconventional KEY TO SUCCESS.

Numerous first class students have given testimonies in severalfold on secrets of their meritorious and uncommon success.

None of the techniques of achieving the best results are taught within the four walls of our classrooms...
Of the answers to the questions about the 'Key to excellent academic performance or outstanding performance in law exams, furious 'RE-READING/REWRITING of notes form lesser percentage, even the famous Glanville Williams in his book 'Learning the Law' opined that it is unnecessary that one rewrites his textbook in a note.

However, there is really one fundamental but hideous key secret to outstanding examination performance_ its 'PAST QUESTIONS'.

Treating past questions can be overwhelming such that it comes with a great hesitation, with reason not far fetched, Students are apt to assume that they have not read enough yet_they do not know it all yet, how then are they supposed to address the questions and this makes many procrastinate which at the end, they are unable to treat the questions even if the've got the papers.

Notwithstanding, past questions help to place the mind on a verge of confidence. If treated seriously and passionately,it puts one in an exam situation and helps one to understand the tension, and time stress attached to law exams.

What is more is that, beyond the confidence advantage, early usage of past questions acquaints law students with most likely questions.
It is very unusual that the syllabus change within long period. In other words, most questions are likely repeated subsequent years but with different couching and 'vocabs'. A student who has dealt with past questions will not be put off guard, regardless of the nature of the exam question because his senses would almost instantaneously relate such questions to the related ones in his 'schema' of which he had come across before. Do you now wonder why after exams, some students wail; 'the questions are too hard_ the question is incomprehensible' but some others don't. It is most likely they have come across a similar question once and handled it well.

A first class student whom I look up to would always tell me, 'Sam, get your past questions on time'. He would always say it as though passing well is very easy if I treated past questions. In reality, it is true, handling past questions aids one's ability.

It is always advisable that law students answer past questions and remit the answers to a tutor for  marking. One would get the feedback and most usually a thorough mark scheme.

Attempting to answer past questions also help  to understand your structuring of the  answers.
Furthermore, having worked on your answer structuring multiple times before the exam means that you will be able to plan your answer and structure so much quicker in the actual exam, saving you precious time.

Although, many may want to be in disbelief because the writer is 'too personal' in the write up, leading them to believe I have no locus to expose this fact.
Be that as it may, this fact has been scientifically proven. it’s been scientifically proven that the highest performers in degrees and examinations, share a consistent habit of revising through practice papers. This was examined in a study by elevate educations, where they analysed the habits of top students from different countries and in different subjects. The one common factor in these students was past papers, even beyond the amount of effort and hard work they put in.

At this point, one cannot  underrate the value of past question papers. So if you have such habit, I am glad to inform you that what you disregard is a key to great performance in exams. You could henceforward decide to put on a good habit towards past question papers. Its relatively an indispensable material for every course, it complements your study.

This learning method is unconventional and that is why only a few who know the secret stand out.

©Written by Olufowose Samuel.

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