Sunday,September 16 2018

The odds were not in their favour , No one believed in them but they kept the dream alive !! They were criticized for launching their jersey but in the front of their enemies ... They prepared their table , they wined and dined and left the remnants for them to come have a taste. The golden generation of llb1 are here to stay with their team work and game play at the moment (LSsIsInTrOUble) . After both teams emerge from their various group victors with llb1 and llb4 ready for a cracker on Sunday it was well pronounced that llb1 cant win this preliminaries as llb4 have been winning it right from 100l but whats our problem !! The golden generation is here (Hide your face) ..... with the game ready for action it was llb1 intimidating their opponent with their colours as a fine display of black and lemon green rock the stadium .llb1 didnt come to play as sharp display of pass, well composed tackles and brillant ideology of skills were ouzing round this trumedous team.T he familiar threat of T.Y , MARVELLOUS AND FOLUSO with DANIEL doing the magic at the centre and LEKUSE in support. It didnt take long for T.Y to make his presence felt as he was fouled in front of the 18 box ! and the ref pointed for a free-kick and with the ability of T.Y it was an opener with a well constructed set-piece it was 1-0 (TY is a murderer!!) and llb4 where beginning to drop just like the naira against the dollar with Ar'GUERO posing threats we had HAYBEE and NELSON bottling him up like coca-cola and he was totally useless and BARLOW handicapped by SHEYE who was fearless and vital in today's context not to talk of LAWRENCE who wrapped up his position like a gift pack !!! Indeed llb4 were helpless and needed help but help was far away .

The game was highly  spirited with the attackers causing trouble for ZAW and his defense line and it didnt take long before a magical occurence took place !! and it came from ME😊, as a misqued ball fell into the part of FOLUSO and he pushed it past Akomz who was off balanced and a clearly struck shot !! Which left the keeper dazzed in confusion and isolation 2-0 It was (First goal in the colours of llb1) The goal was an uproar and an iota of disarray was setting in and it was looking safe and MARVELLOUS would have made it 3 but it was side-netted and the crowd was mute in shock of power changing hands.

2nd Half was underway with llb1 even becoming worse , DANIEL was dribbling , T.Y was intriguing , MARVELLOUS was disturbing, FOLUSO was ruthless, LEKUSE was attacking, IWOBI was conservative,SHEYE was establishing his mandate,HAYBEE was commanding,NELSON was mind-blowing,LAWRENCE was highlyspirited and GBOYEGA in master control !! and it was the mighty have fallen where did this boys come from !! A spectator screamed "have never seen an LSS squad this good" and it was FOLUSO(he had such a nice game) who had to make way for DAMI who is a rare germ and had his eyes for the goal and has was introduced as a substitute. The llb4 didnt give up the fight but you dont compare Tiger battery with Duracell battery as llb1 were fully charged up but overplayful IWOBI who must have forgotten he is not a keeper got the ball with his hands and it was an easy decision for the refree to make and he pointed to the spotkick which made it 2-1. It didnt take long before DAMI made it 3-1 with a clearly placed ball past IFE and the result was no longer in doubt !!.The refree had enough as he blew the final whistle as llb1emerges victorious ..... still unbeaten in inter-faculty  matches with 5wins out of 5 .

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