*Saturday,September 15 2018*

What a match😲 !! Even hell let loose for that moment It was a show shopper !! As I said in my earlier writeup llb1 is a better side and all odds where in their favour but am sure they were not expecting this kind of stunt which llb2 pulled with POGBA in action he had a lot to do , Now one can feel the pain of Messi in Argentine colours but that story will be left for another day as T.Y came , he saw , he rumbled and he conquered !! The llb1 were booming in their new colours which attracted a lot of spectators even from other faculties. It didnt take long before llb1got their first goal and it was llb1 superstar (Daniel) who dropped seniority at the bar for another day and turned the llb2 defenders to caricature dribbling past them and made us asked "NA YOU BRING THEM COME FIELD" as he crossed which came off the hand of the llb2 defender and ref pointed to the spotkick and to rise to the occassion was T.Y(Llb1 Captain elect) who wasted no time and converted it 1-0 it was.Llb2 showed signs of threat from Ayobams and familiar figure (POGBA) but it was to no avail , he bossed the mildfield but lekuse and Iwobi contained him like the peak milk tin, but that did not stop pogba from posing threats but it was like a great farmer who came to the farm but had no tools to work with. Llb2 made his game frustrating .It didnt take T.Y to make it 2-0 as a cross was laid into the yard box and he slid in just like the Atm card  and carefully placed it to the right corner.... LLB1 where beginning to run riot and it was just 1st half.
2nd half was underway with the introduction of FOLUSO and MAYOWA but llb2 came out strong but they will have to blame themselves when they almost conceeded a penalty but with the leniency of the refree it was a freekick but that didnt stop llb1 from bossing it as  foluso and mayor tried linking up pass but didnt work !!! A consolation goal was scored by POGBA when the refree pointed to the spotkick after a push by IWOBI who was having a nice game and you dont expect a star to miss from that sort of range. 2-1 It ended llb1 will play finals tomorrow with group 2 winners.


*LLB3 vs LLB4*
Thou everyone knew the outcome we still had the believe in llb3 to pull a stunt but this was just a mere wish as the allied force of ll4 were just too strong as they showed us what seniority at the bar means from the brilliance of Ar'GUERO, tackles of SHABBIE , dribbles of BARLOW, Speed of AKOMZ and style of OLUMOSE .... It was a matter of sit down , get a pop corn and lets watch a rape sense..... due to the fact of lack of training the passes where just not clicking but ARGUERO (lls goal machine) missed a point blank goal and barlow hitting the bar from a volley and the first half ended 0-0 , llb3 ran lucky with that with AARE running like a child who just got a new toy and JUSTICE JAY frustrated with lack of quality pass ..... It was a matter of when will the harvest of goals be coming!!
2nd half went underway and as expected llb 4 bossed it again this time they were rewarded even worse as teamwork became vital and it didnt take long as Ar'GUERO masterminded the grazing of grass of the llb3 defender(Name withheld) as he laid down in paradise and he passed and the ball was curled into the 18box and BARLOW hitting it first time !! What a goal 1-0 . The goal threats began to show prominence as LLS GOAL MACHINE added a second with the ball slipping of llb1 borrowed goal keeper GBOYEGA hands ........ 2-0 (it was looking to be a riot) but a consolation goal  from the spotkick by MARVE made it 2-1 as llb4 advances to the finals where they will meet llb1.

LLB1 vs LLB 4

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