After the unexpected excessive turn out of people at the gaming contest, there were so many contestants that the first round couldnt be completed in a day hence the away matches takes place next week. This showed that LSSIITES are not as anti social as people think they are.

Group Stage Qualifies. Match reports!

First Match, SAN V Ar'guero (2 : 3) - In what was supposed to be a walkover match for Arguero, SAN proved he was no pushover and Gave the Fin Sec a run for his money. Ar'guero won still 3-2.

2nd, Justice Jay v Ayo Aare (2 : 0) - The self acclaimed gaming god found himself in a tight spot as a dark horse in 100L put in a fine display to ensure it wasn't an easy ride. Ayo Aare lost to Justice Jay tho. 2 - 0.

3rd, Soji V Barlow(3 : 0) - In what was the first upset of the day, Soji brutally brushed aside an unlucky Barlow in a 3 -0 defeat of the veteran gamer. He now has a new nickname with people tagging him the *People's champion*, 3 - 0 final scoreline soji beating Barlow at home.

4th, Swaggu V Providence (7 : 1) - In a resemblance of Eminem's desolution of MGK's rap career, Ultimate class Swaggu smashed the welfare director in a 7 - 1 massacre. Swaggu is still under investigation for doping allegations.

5th, Tek V Sam Kenny (0 : 2) - In what was the biggest upset of the competition yet, Sam Kenny pulled a Leicester after beating Tek, one of the faculty's greatest gamers. Odds are still in favor of Tek to qualify, but Tek has lost at home for the first match, 0 - 2.

6th, Hotsuperdot V LeBron (2 - 2) - Past CLO V past Liberian, in a match spiced up by Lekuse, Both parties cancelled out each other in a very even affair and even headed towards extra time with the match still ending in a 2 - 2 draw, Volley ball v Basketball, it's still anybody's game.

7th, Pogba V Samuel (0 - 2) - In a match between classmates filled with Passion and Intensity, Samuel proved that being an amazing footballer on the pitch dosent count in gaming as Pogba lost the home leg 0 - 2.

8th, Selphem V Godswill (1 - 2) - May God's will be done in the Second leg as LLB1 representative Selphem put in a surprise sublime performance, although seniority at the bar prevailed, 1 - 2 in favor of Godswill.

9th, Tade V Jawo(3 - 1) - Former Gen Sec contestant Jawo sought redemption in the gaming competition, however history would repeat itself as Jawo got defeated by Face of the year nominee Tade in an enthralling contest which ended 3 - 1 in favor of Tade.

The Second leg away matches would take place before the LSS got talent show at Village chef, further information would be broadcasted to keep us informed.

There can only be ONE GAMING GOD, LET IT BE YOU!

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