Amazing style and kit!!! A must read. Penultimates shine in their new Tottenham jersey. 200 level drown the fresher.

The 400 law students surprised their opponent to a 2-0 victory to qualify into the final stage of the competition in their stunning Tottenham white jersey.
The three times back to back winners were able to make their way into the final which is a custom in the  tournament as Jimoh Peter nicknamed Ar'guero scores a brace to secure their ticket into the final stage.
Meanwhile, the young breeds of the faculty where thrashed out of the faculty competition by losing a penalty shootout to their 200 level opponents.
Both teams were not able to secure a win in the full time match leading to the shootout. The second time the 100 level will be kicked out at an early stage through penalty kicks as the decider in a tournament. First was the freshers game.
200 level surprised everyone with their win into the finals but will luck still stay on their side to lift the deans cup and set a new record?  Or will the three times back to back champions add more to their shelf of accolades?
God bless the AAUA law students
God bless the Dean's cup
God bless all

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