DOWNLOAD LSS ALL STAR SONG ELEDUMARE. ...Justice Jay🤩 x Olufisoye😘 x Don classic☺ x Shazzy😉 x Spyda😏 x OG lawyer🤪 - Eledumare mp3*

The Law Students' Society, AAUA has been recently hit with notorious awakening as to the great talents  hideous in the society since the LSS' GOT TALENT Show championed by Aimasiko Ayodeji.

The Director of Socials, Olusanya Foluso(Justice Jay) in a bid to encourage these talents has ensured a collaboration of these talents in ELEDUMARE.

ELEDUMARE, is a debut collaboration of artistes in LSS AAUA. A beautiful song in appraisal of the supreme being.
The song is garnished with LSS' indigenous rappers.

A great step at encouraging law talents. Download and enjoy


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