Murderer of justice are,
The supposed rule and law for our betterment
But made for self interest of the parliament
Even when they proclaim it supremacy
They are covered by it exception,and
Act in the jungle of autocracy
Murderer of justice are
The sitted high bench leaders
Whom the constitution can't outshine their power
Because the maker of the law are in their appointment
Covered in the face of election,but selected with agreement.
They do and undo without being checked
Murderer of justice are
Court which suppose to  be the place of justice
But with judges that pervert justice
They take bribes and seek power
They give blame to the just and credit to the sinner
They never take/feel it wrong,just to get high
Murderer of justice are
Lawyers from the bar,who sold justice for client..
It their work,they say,the truth they forbid
They suffer the innocent,even when their client confess guilty
His crime, dribbling judges brain south,east and north.
Leading the court to giving wrong judgement
I say lawyers are the major reason for wrong judgement in court.
Murderer of justice are,
Religious worshippers. whose member committed crime(criminal)
But yet pray for them to jump justice
When caught and charge to court for justice
They pity only the life of their bethren and not the victim
Murderer of justice are,
The people of the country
Those who stand as witness in court; for th rich
To aid in justice for money
Making their fellow citizen suffer
We are all murderer of justice,from top - buttom
How then do we move forward
When injustice set his foot at the tower


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