{MUSIC}🔥🎶 OG Lawyer - Ninu Adekunle🎶🔥

As All Aauaites are preparing for Resumption, The "Abami Eda" Crooner himself has dropped another hit titled 'Ninu Adekunle', it is all about AAUA and the happenings in the University.

This new single titled NINU ADEKUNLE is just what's on the Mind of an Average Aauaite and Basically "All Aauaites" which OG Lawyer has decided to Serve as the Mouthpiece to deliver all these through his Amazing Flows```🎶

In face of the tuition hike controversy, Download and listen to the mind of all average Adekunle Students through the voice of OG_Lawyer.

'Ninu Adekunle' is a wit intended to create awareness on the ills of our society(AAUA) and urging concerned Authorities to find a lasting solution to these issues

Remember; Music is the Weapon🎤🎶🔥

To download & listen to 'Ninu Adekunle'. Click DOWNLOAD


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